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Tiptop Audio, located in California, is a company that produces analogue and digital circuits, as well as modular synthesizers and accessories. It was founded in 2000 and began with the production of Eurorack modules with high quality standards. The founder of the Tiptop Audio brand was the outstanding designer, engineer and connoisseur of analog systems, Gur Milstein.

Modules from Tiptop Audio offer musicians innovative features of revolutionary products with a new approach to sound synthesis - sound modules that significantly expand the synthesizer, VCO, filters, sequencers, programmable modules with DSP. The company is also known for the creation of the world's first polyphonic modular system in the Eurorack format. Since 2010 the company has diversified its range introducing a new series of drum modules based on VCOs. The sound of the modules was built on the classic TR-808 and TR-909 circuits resulting in unsurpassed sound quality. Tiptop Audio also began experimenting with new signal routing methods, and released a number of modular DSP effects. The brand is also known for creating the most accurate analogue oscillator module - Z3000 Smart VCO.

In 2008 the company launched Z3000 modules and Z5000 effects processor. Z3000 is a voltage controlled oscillator. The model is defined by the unique analog Smart-oscillator with a built-in arithmetic processor. The processor calculates the current state of the oscillator and displays the indications on the screen, replacing the module setting and adjustment based on the intuitive level and guesswork with a more reasoned programming. Z3000 generates 4 thick analog waveforms, and its unique circuit allows synthesis at a fairly complex level, while retaining wide-range tracking, preventing from chaotic sound outcome. The module has coarse frequency and fine tune controls, as well as the control of pulse width and frequency modulation. Tiptop Z5000 is a digital modular multi effects processor with analog control (which makes it suitable for any analog system) designed for deep processing of sounds and timbres. A powerful DSP engine operates with 16 FFT algorithms of 24-bit digital audio. Z5000 produces processed audio in mono and stereo modes. No more cables with adapters for external multi effects processors or clipping of different-level signals and all of it thanks to the architecture of Z5000 which is designed to cope with "hot" signals of the module providing the headroom of up to 16Vpp before possible clipping.

The Tiptop Audio filter - Z2040 - was devised as a redesign of the popular analog filter from the polysynths of the 80s and offers Tiptop Audio brand rich and creamy sound. Elastic frequency shifts give fat bass and lead dynamics to the sounds. Audio frequency modulation brings Z2040 to the limits forcing incoming waves and their harmonics burst out like a thunderpeal. Z2040 is able to pacify sounds, balancing between the upper and lower limits of the spectrum and extracting smooth overload and saturation. By setting the feedback to the maximum Z2040 turns into a VCO with a sine wave which is perfect for percussion or whistles. The core of the module is represented by a discrete 24 dB low pass filter - similar to the filter chip SSM2040 from Prophet 5 Rev 2 and related to SSM2044 from the early EMU samplers and PPG synthesizers of the 80s – which is considered to be one of the best filters in history. 4 modulation inputs of Z2040 support CV and audio signals allowing deep filter and passing signals modulation. The resonant VC input purports to modulating and clipping of the sine wave achieved by the loop function of the filter feedback response. FM input will help add dynamics to frequency shifts and the VC-FM index will provide the ability to modulate incoming FM signals.

In 2009 the Eurorack Z-DSP came out - a digital sound processor based on the cartridges and a generating platform. Z-DSP operates on a DSP processor with 24-bit sampling. The module has a bandwidth of 15Khz, its parameters respond to the control voltage smoothly and gently, and it can also be programmed. With Z-DSP digital audio can be distorted, stretched, deformed and warped during interaction with other modules. Its interface includes VC digital parameters, VC mix/dry, software switching (can be done manually), as well as VC feedback with a loop function. The company also released DSP extensions for the module: Dragonfly Delay for creating quality delay effects, a digital filter Bat Filter and a USB device for integration with a Numberz PC.

As for the capacity and capabilities Z8000 sequencer (2010) equals 10 sequencers at once: four 4-step CV sequencers horizontally + vertically and one 16-step CV sequencer horizontally + vertically. It has 16 rotary knobs for changing settings and a large number of outputs, thus possessing high flexibility and modulation capabilities. One controller affects 10 CV outputs simultaneously.

Trigger Riot sequencer made by the company was released in 2013, combining the capabilities of the early Z4000 and Z8000 with 8 channels and 16 switches, including a clock divider, multiplier, step injector, time shifter, clock shifter, pulse width modulator and arithmetic probability processor. It can be used with Z4000 envelope generator, Z8000 CV sequencer, or to activate synth voices and drum modules simultaneously, creating a modular drum machine of the Tiptop system. As for the features we should mention non-volatile memory for patterns, synchronization with external gear, smart synchronization of multi-Riot setups, DIN synchronization for vintage devices, precise built-in tempo-clock generator, loop function for presets, matrix sequencing or sequencing of individual channels.

The successful Zeus series launched in 2015 included Zeus Studio Bus system and its miniature Access and Access dual panels. Zeus Studio Bus provides a low noise level and minimal leakage between plug-in modules which results in an articulate and clear sound of the synthesizer. Zeus system has an external Cincon-TTA power supply. Zeus Studio Bus is equipped with 14 Eurorack and 2 AS power connectors. The "spring action" connector will provide multiple connection points allowing different types of configuration from linear sequences to professional multi-threading. At the heart of Zeus SB there’s the new design of discrete linear power controllers that makes the system a great studio device.

The company hasn’t given up its position so far. Thanks to the highly skilled engineers working there, nothing in the brand's products is left to chance. Instruments are characterized by their fantastic quality and imported all over the world. Now in many studios of sound engineers and musicians you can find modular synthesizers and accessories by Tiptop Audio.