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SSF (Steady State Fate) company is a devoted team producing innovative music electronic devices. Developers are completely into implementing the unique projects and finding practical solutions. At the moment, the team is keen on developing modular synthesizers of Eurorack format.

The goal of SSF is to provide musicians with high-end equipment. It can be an advanced analog instrument or a software device, one way or another the company and its partners are interested in exceptionally powerful products for sound engineers and musicians, as well as amateur experimentalists.

All Eurorack modules made by SSF use invariably high-quality components, ensuring reliable and durable instrument operating.

Today the brand offers more than 20 multi-purpose modules, which will certainly come in handy among the units in your arsenal.
Entity Bass Drum is a perfect and versatile synth voice harnessed module, for modeling an endless series of sounds from bass, drums and percussion to synth instruments. It seems to be most sophisticated in generating bass drum and bass lines. Percussion effects as well. The Entity Bass Drum architecture includes two hi-fi resonant filters, a 2-stage (rise/fall) slope generator, a hi-fi VCA and a discrete transistor (saturation circuit) - all parameters are voltage controlled. Pitch control adjusts the output within 8Hz - 2.2KHz. Both levels can be achieved by modulation via the FM input. The envelope has two stages - rise and fall; time control offers a length of 1 millisecond to 1 minute. Shaping section offers a logarithmic, linear and exponential slope shapes, which you can manage individually applying them for each of the two envelope stages. Here there is an interesting Body control that simulates the density of the drum - the denser we tweak the setting, the softer and more kind of muffled we get the sound, while tweaked to the right it gets a weaker character, and the middle position gives you an almost perfect resonant drum. This parameter can be very useful when applied together with the adjustment of some other settings, and especially essential for fine tuning the sound in the mix.

True hi-fi work - only discrete components and audiophile operational amplifiers. The level of nominal noise is quite low. Sufficient headroom for hot signals will break through any mix.

GateStorm is a joint development module created together with Erogenous Tones. The module was devised as an advanced Gate Generator with a flexible CV system, allowing you to achieve any depth you need. GateStorm was created for entertainment and intuitive use while supplying you with powerful features. Do not be frightened by the amount of information pouring into you through the colorful display - once you start using this device, you'll appreciate each line and every symbol shown to you on the screen. Here are some basic features of the technical details: 8 Gate Generators (4 complex lanes and 4 simple lanes), 7 Gate inputs, 1 Clock input for GateStorm synchronization with external clocks, 4 Local Gate inputs, 2 global gate inputs, 6 CV inputs With an attenuator, 8 Gate outputs (0-10V) with integrated white indicators, 320x240 high-contrast screen, 1 encoder/button for information input, 15 buttons for introducing various parameter values, USB port for firmware update, 24HP format, power + 12v/12v, operates on ChibiOS RTOS.

Among its modules SSF offers Quantum Rainbow, one of the best sources of voiced noise - analog noise is the only real source of natural random fluctuations; Ultra-Random Analog, random voltage generator with 6 random outputs; Propagate, a quad voltage-controlled gate delay, four stages of which are able to apply a delay to the gate signal of any length; Ground Control, which, in addition to the basic auxiliary functions, includes a preset gain system that exhibits the most accurate voltage scaling in one click; and many others.