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Orthogonal Devices

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Orthogonal Devices is a small brand numbering only one employee. The company is located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The motto is clear and alright – to create tools for self expression.

The author offers three devices on his website - ER-101, ER-102 and ER-301.

ER-101: Indexed Quad Sequencer is designed for Eurorack modular synthesizers. The ER-101 26HP format machine offers creating, sequencing and automation in real time, allowing generating of sequences numbering thousands of steps of various length, different gate parameters, smooth transitions, variable device state and many other features. Each track has 3 outputs: 2 CV + 1 gate, 100 patterns (the pattern can contain up to 100 steps). Voltage tables can be edited by the user and allow up to 100 entries per each. Smoothed transitions are not just slews; they can match the current tempo in real time. Hold function allows beat editing during sequencing. The device is capable of storing up to 16 snapshots of the parameter state of the entire instrument.

ER-102: Sequencer Controller for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

The ER-102 Sequencer Controller is an expander for the ER-101 Indexed Quad Sequencer, adding various types of transition behavior, up to 16 groups of steps per snapshot, allowing operations with groups of steps, routing 3 channels of CV/gate modulation via groups, overdub in real time, infinite data storing with the help of uSD card (as well as firmware update).

ER-301: Sound Computer for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

ER-301 is a voltage-controlled “blank space” for digital processing of algorithms. The advantage of modular synthesizers is in the fact that they allow you to create electronic music away from the computer. However, not all digital audio instruments can offer such freedom, because it is quite difficult to integrate a full range of subtleties and functions within a portable device. ER-301 appeared to be the culmination of a persistent 2-year painstaking work on the creation of such a device that could provide the musicians with independence they long for.

With the help of it, you can customize the channel, assign external audio sources, modulate parameters, save and load preset chains, take advantage of all the features of the unit's sample player block, delay block, mixer block, create synthetic percussion, record samples - burn directly to the file, record to the buffer, create a sample buffer, synchronize the recording and playback, save the sample buffer to a file, save the recorded tracks using the file recorder.