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Koma Elektronik team, based in Berlin, designs innovative musical equipment for musicians and producers. Software companies want to recover that sense of passion, in which you immerse yourself in the creative process, having fun and playing with sound, with the help of their analog products, which will inspire any musician, and will give a user an overwhelming desire to create unique sounds and develop his own skills. The main task of Koma Elektronik is to direct the musicians to the conscious attitude toward every move they make, to help them get the actual result the way it sounds in their heads.

The company is confident that their equipment is completely unconventional and seems rather unusual and interesting to anyone who tastes it. Every time a new instrument makes you take some risk and is real challenge for both beginners and professionals, pushing you to proving yourself as a creative and fearless musician who’s ready to do anything to get the sound which he expects to get. The brand is aimed at developing, taking entertainment as its main focus.

Among Koma Elektronik products we should list Field Kit – electro acoustic workstation, Field Kit Eurorack Panel, a selection of cases, recently released Koma Komplex Sequencer (device for complex rhythmic patterns generated via MIDI and CV/Gate; it’s based on 4 full-fledged 16-step sequencers enclosed in a compact and lightweight housing: all parameters and functions have individual inputs/outputs on the patch bay offering 87 patch points; control includes such options as Speed, Sequence Length, Gate Length, Play Mode, Glide, Division, Transpose, Repeat, Sequence Start Point and Skip. Sequencer output range is variable, there’s also a quantizer on board. 7 CV Recorder banks allow the output of 5 banks simultaneously).

Among Eurorack modules and controllers presented by the brand we should pay attention to just released Poltergeist. KOMA Elektronik Poltergeist analogue quadraphonic audio mixer/panner/VCA has little in common with any other Eurorack module, featured on the music market. With a single module, you can mix and control the four-channel signal. Four channels, each with its own analog amplifier, as well as a stereo output, are routed to 4 individual outputs, allowing the user to control signals in both stereo and surround way however he likes - all thanks to 21 inputs/outputs, 48 analog SSM VCAs and unique mixing capabilities.

With the large panning buttons you can control the sound within a 360-degree range. Use the detailed Slope, Field and Origin options to give the signal an unusual shape. With several audio sources, a mixer and an LFO pair, you can get a pretty complex texture.
KOMMANDER - CV/Gate Motion Controller and SVF201 - Analog State Variable Filter are also included in the list of brand’s Eurorack modules and controllers.

A series of Koma Elektronik pedals offers the RH301 - Rhythm Work Station, BD101 - Analog Gate/Delay and FT201 - Analog Filter/10 Step Sequencer.

Field Kit - Electro Acoustic Workstation is available for order (June, 2017). The recent invention of the brand was developed and put on the market thanks to the support of Kickstarter. Developers offer to combine the new device with the Expansion Pack or the Eurorack Panel Field Kit to expand the possibilities of the released product.