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Manufacturer/ Brand: Oberheim

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  Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer   6 000.00 U.S.Dollars

Combined into one housing, eight SEM modules feature sixteen voltage-controlled oscillators (eight voices per each of the two VCOs), eight controlled filters, eight controlled amplifiers with ADS generators that can be configured individually. All...

Oberheim OB-8
4.0/5 1

  Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer   5 200.00 U.S.Dollars

OB-8 is the last representative of the classic OB series – it’s an improved version of the OB-Xa synthesizer. OB-8, as well as the whole series of vintage OBs, is built on using voice cards, but unlike its predecessors it was produced with a fixed number...

Oberheim OB-X
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  Polyphonic Synthesizer   4 800.00 U.S.Dollars

In 1978, Sequential Circuits company released Prophet-5, which immediately became incredibly popular due to the ability to save all the parameters of the synthesizer in the presets. Tom Oberheim responded with OB-X. The synthesizer has a hybrid...

Oberheim Matrix 12
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  Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer   4 500.00 U.S.Dollars

Matrix 12 is a programmable analog polyphonic synthesizer with the functionality of the modular system. It represents two Xpander modules combined into one housing with a five-octave dynamic keyboard. The control panel is identical to Xpander one, with a...

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  Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer   4 000.00 U.S.Dollars

Performance Synthesizer, Synthesizer, Analogue (A), Analog Voices: 8, Multi Timbral Capacity: 2 part(s), Oscillators per voice: 2, Oscillators overall: 16, Velocity Sensitivity, Aftertouch, Number of Keys: 61, Size: 5.

Oberheim 4 Voice
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  Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer   4 000.00 U.S.Dollars

4 Voice is a semi-modular analog polyphonic synthesizer, assembled and based on the four SEM modules. Thus, the synthesizer incorporated eight voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO), two per voice, four controlled filters, four VCA and ADS envelope...

Oberheim OB-Xa
5.0/5 1

  Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer   4 000.00 U.S.Dollars

In the early 80's all serious synthesizer manufacturers had to try hard to stay on the market after the release of the Prophet-5 synthesizer. The first attempt to grab his bite of the niche was made by Oberheim when he launched OB-X synthesizer, the...

Oberheim Two Voice Pro
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  Analog Semi-modular Synthesizer   3 495.00 U.S.Dollars

Two Voice Pro is a revived model of Oberheim’s Two Voice synthesizer (released in 1975). The architecture of the instrument is based on Oberheim’s famous SEM designs with their unique oscillators and filters which became the basis of Tom’s instruments...

Oberheim 2 Voice Pro
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  Analog Duophonic Synthesizer   3 495.00 U.S.Dollars

2 Voice Pro is the favorite creature of Tom Oberheim. It almost completely replicates the set of functions introduced in the model released in 1975. "Almost" means that the synthesizer received some additional functions to the set of the original ones....

Oberheim 2 Voice
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  Analog Duophonic Synthesizer   3 000.00 U.S.Dollars

Keeping track of the success of his first synthesizer and willing to create a new product, Tom Oberheim simply combined two SEM modules with a keyboard and a basic sequencer putting them into one housing. This made it possible to get a duophonic...