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One of the most respectable bass guitar and music equipment manufacturers. The instruments made by this company are multi purpose and feature their unique and unrepeatable character. Warwick is one of those brands which comes to your mind when you think of a bass guitar.

Branches and TMs:

Framus, Rockbass

Brief Lead-in:

When Fred Wilfer came back to his town Walthersgrun in the end of the World War II he got it quick that the Americans would soon surrender Sudetenland to the Russians with who he had no business. Then with the help of the Americans he succeeded in an operation concerning transferring the best violin makers of Schönbach to Erlangen.

In the early postwar years from 1945 to 1947 Fred Wilfer was busy with searching for some place to live and some place to work for his violin makers. Fred spent all the time in Munich administration receiving and signing papers and when he found himself exceedingly desperate houses, jobs and material appeared. In 1946 Framus company was created.

The first Framus company was located in the territory of abandoned labor camp in Mohrendorf, not far from Erlangen. But the company developed quickly and soon was relocated to a bigger premises – to the brewery building in Baiersdorf.

In 1954 Fred Wilfer decided to build his own factory and in 1955 in Bubenreuth it was officially opened. Back then the factory staff numbered about 300 members many of who came from Schönbach but there were also a lot of locals. Framus was aimed at guitar making. Framus became a quality brand recognized among professional musicians all over the world.

In 1966 Framus company had to open the second factory since the first one in Bubenreuth couldn’t provide enough place. About a hundred of artisans worked at the new factory.

In 1971 Framus celebrated its 25th anniversary while its founder Fred Wilfer was awarded for his work and development of the music industry in Germany. The next year Bubenreuth authorities awarded Fred for his achievements and merits regarding the town and for participation in transferring of the violin makers.

In the 1970s the musical instruments market welcomed companies from Asia which produced instruments at a very low cost which undermined considerably the activity of the existing brands many of which had to quit the market. In 1975 Framus went bankrupt. Fred experienced bad times, although his son Hans-Peter brought some light into perspective.

Warwick brand was founded by Hans-Peter Wilfer – the son of Fred Wilfer – in 1982 in Erlangen. All the nuances of the musical instruments manufacturing Hans-Peter mastered when he was a child. Thanks to his skills and knowledge, pushy nature and good work of his employees Warwick succeeded quite quickly and became a respectable brand.

Besides, Warwick opened a big retail network all over Germany and Austria which distributed the products made by leading European and American companies. Such companies as Engl Amps, Rotosoun strings, Rickenbacker, Seymour Duncan, and Heritage are only a few names in the dealer list of Warwick.

In 1995 Warwick was relocated to Markneukirchen (Vogtland, Saxony). Using traditions of the guitar making in that region Warwick put up the quality level of production. The construction of the new factory allowed the creators to install modern equipment supplying the process with everything needed for the technological growth conforming to the received reputation of the company and its masters.

In 1996 Warwick opened the office in Shanghai which helped the company to expand the outlet territory and target audience increasing supplies.

In 2002 Warwick presented a budget bass guitar series called RockBass which were made of less “pedigreed” wood.

In 2007 Warwick celebrated its 25th anniversary. Despite the constantly growing competition the company is sure about its activity the necessity and popularity of which is guaranteed by the respect of the colleagues, business partners and trust of musicians who chose Warwick instruments.

Today Warwick produces a wide range of high quality instruments – many companies still have to achieve the level Warwick has already jumped on. The production of the company goes to 50 countries and now it’s the biggest bass guitar maker of bass guitars in Europe.

Technical and technological progress:

When Hans-Peter was a child he learned about many aspects regarding production and distribution of musical instruments. He turned this knowledge, his energy and enthusiasm into the company famous all over the world as an authoritative bass guitar maker.
Besides, the company developed a huge retail network in Germany and Austria distributing the products of the leading companies from Europe and USA. Such brands as Engl amps (not Austrian), Rotosound, Rickenbacker, Seymour Duncan and many others cooperate with Warwick.

The company works in accordance with Eco-Management and Audit Scheme European Union rules which are the voluntary ecological management directed to the constant improving of the ecological characteristics of the company. Today Warwick Custom Shop is located in Markneukirchen, Germany.

Once a year the company holds Warwick Bass Camp where the participants from all over the world can take part and attend the classes while learning to play the instrument and being able to consult and ask for advice addressing to the famous musicians such as Victor Lemonte Wooten, John Peter Petrucci, Leland Bruce "Lee" Sklar, Stuart "Stu" Hamm and Alphonso Johnson.